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Log burning boilers

Log burning boilers offer the opportunity for efficient and clean heating. These boilers are fuelled by hand 1-2 times a day. This particular type of boiler leans more towards the domestic side as a bigger heating system that has greater demands would require more frequent fuelling, therefore making the system impractical. However, a correctly sized Log Burning Boiler on an average winter dLog Burning Boilersay will only require fuelling once. As a result, our engineers emphasize the importance of selecting Log Boilers with the correct size fuelling chamber as well as the KW output.

So how does a Log Boiler work?

When the boiler fires up the combustion process will create more energy than is actually required. This excess heated water is transferred and stored into an accumulator (buffer tank). This accumulated energy can be stored for long periods of time until required for central heating or hot water.

What happens during combustion in a Log Boiler?

When burning wood there are two conditions of process; volatile gas and fixed carbon (charcoal). The boiler is extremely efficient and to maintain this efficiency the boiler must be able to operate in whatever stage of combustion it is in.

The release of gas is known as gasification, whilst the wood partially burns. This gas is drawn into a separate combustion chamber where it automatically mixes with secondary air to burn in optimal conditions. A control known as the Lambda sensor ensures optimal combustion is always occurring, by monitoring the oxygen concentration and temperature of the exhaust gasses. This allows the adjustment of primary and secondary combustion air.


Installation of Log Boilers is relatively straight forward and they can act a direct replacement for a fossil fuel boiler. It is important to consider space requirements as Log Boilers tend to be bigger than fossil fuel boilers.

Advantages Disadvantages
Can be linked with an alternative hearting source Requires daily fuelling
Burns logs and clean wood Fuelling is done by hand
High efficiency of up to 92% Requires occasional ash removal
The boiler house can be located in the property being heated Requires a dedicated boiler room capable of taking the boiler and accumulator