Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater Harvesting is the accumulation and storage of rainwater. Rainwater is collected from the roof through downpipes to be used for non-potable uses only including; toilets, garden hoses, sprinkler systems and washing machines.

How does it work?

The rainwater collected from the roof is filtered before entering the holding tank where the grey water is stored. The stored water is then used on demand by being pumped to the open outlet. In the event of an empty storage tank the control unit will automatically sense there is no stored water to be pumped and will switch to mains water. Stored water is always the primary source.

How efficient is it?

The amount of water that can be harvested depends on average rainfall, the size of the roof and filter efficiency. Studies have shown both in domestic and commercial operations that over 50% of water consumed does not need to be potable.

Save money on water bills by creating your own source of water
Relatively simple to install
Water storage can be underground
System can be tailored to your needs.
Low maintenance
Weather dependent so location becomes a factor